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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Digicel IP Engineer & Senior ICT Technician bit.ly/2Nax0HN

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sewer lift construction at River Bank bit.ly/2Nc0gOr

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dowasco disconnection notice bit.ly/2NlhY26

Newtown native earns PhD in Public “Education” Policy bit.ly/2KEXteq

More students pursuing certification in Dominica says Business Training Centre CEO bit.ly/2KzpofP

Dominican wins Points of Light Award for creating Agrosuede Backyard Gardening bit.ly/2N9EI50

I am packing my bags..to move into government – Wesley MP in response to Grant bit.ly/2N8C4wi

Prominent businessman highlights social and historic significance of new movie theatre bit.ly/2N6rd5W

CAPA election poll – results for the Vieille Case constituency bit.ly/2KA6Ufi

Will Barbados become the land of the amberfish? bit.ly/2N6qRMQ

COMMENTARY: Who Runs Things in Dominica? bit.ly/2KySPPg

DAPD’S Executive Director elected to Commonwealth Disabled Peoples’ Forum bit.ly/2KzEHVQ

COMMENTARY: The International Airport Plan – Coercive Depopulation? bit.ly/2KxgCyJ

From premier to prisoner: How a legal tactic backfired on Montserrat’s David Brandt bit.ly/2N2nlml

Antigua and Barbuda launches Honeymoon Registry bit.ly/2N7Duac

ANNOUNCEMENT: DOWASCO Mahaut sidewalk excavation works bit.ly/2KxdByo

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fort young hotel not involved with renovation of Peebles Park or Public Library bit.ly/2KurxcE

Waitukubuli Amateur Radio Association Inc. (WARA) hosts field day activity bit.ly/2KyX4tY

Plans to enact uniform legislation for Citizenship by Investment Progranmme in OECS bit.ly/2KyQXWy

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sewer excavation works Bath Estate bit.ly/2MZG0iP

NYC president defends his endorsement of DLP Salybia candidate bit.ly/2N0WZBm

Expanded lineup set for third Annual Saint Lucia Roots & Soul bit.ly/2N1w4W6

Last Chance to Vote for Secret Bay in the Condé Nast Readers’ Choice Awards bit.ly/2KrLDo1

COMMENTARY: A non-traditional learning model during the last year of high school bit.ly/2KwYZiL

BUSINESS BYTE: CIBC First Caribbean fetes clients on special appreciation day bit.ly/2Kuk11j

Isaac says certain aspects of Roseau Road Reinstatement Project underway bit.ly/2N14acP

JOB OPENING: Security Officer Archipelago Trading bit.ly/2MYZ3K7

COMMENTARY: The Truth About China-U.S. Trade War bit.ly/2N1Kvtl

Public urged to contribute to treatment fund for 3 year-old leukemia patient bit.ly/2IsiBSS

Roach to Baron – Adhere to NYC Code of Conduct or resign bit.ly/2ZBG5KR

ANNOUNCEMENT: Eleventh VF Inc Youth Series bit.ly/2IrXWyi

Jacques Gaddharkan detained by the Gendarmes in Guadeloupe bit.ly/2IveOV2

DEAR BELLA: My grandad makes sexual passes at me bit.ly/2ItzQ6h

DLP will not build any international airport but UWP will, says Linton bit.ly/2IrveO2

CCM continues campaign for electoral reform; writes to police chief bit.ly/2IuWkUx

BUSINESS BYTE: C&W Communications – Preparations in place for 2019 hurricane season encourages customers to make a h bit.ly/2ZDlLJ1

Skerrit to ensure protection of Dominicans’ best interests in Scotia Bank sale bit.ly/2x7jI3K

Former Wesley MP endorses new comer Fidel Grant bit.ly/2x2dbYl

Legal battle intensifies in Linton incitement case bit.ly/2WT5cam

Melissa has to fight for Roseau Central – Wickham bit.ly/2x4XEqw

Elder abuse a major concern in Dominica. bit.ly/2x3cwpB

St. Luke’s parish priest honoured by parishioners on Father’s Day bit.ly/2x2haE3

DLP Wesley candidate promises humility, honesty, integrity and a development focus on agriculture. bit.ly/2WLed5f

Flow launches progressive new Parental Leave Policy bit.ly/2x3B6qm

Dominicans advised to educate themselves about volcanoes bit.ly/2x4De0M

Another Dominican graduates with top honours from Monroe College bit.ly/2x12ULI

PM Skerrit attends meetings of OECS Authority and OECS Assembly in Antigua bit.ly/2wY8Zss

Skerrit says international airport is not to be rushed; promises firm decision this year bit.ly/2x4lena

Pichelin villagers protest move to replace Marva Williams bit.ly/2WJnKKc

DEXIA explores opportunities for trade with FWI mission trip bit.ly/2WK67tO

Former NYC leader calls for resignation of current NYC leader bit.ly/2WRVKEo

Fathers reminded of their responsibilities bit.ly/2WMcRar

Three Dominicans excel at Monroe College in New York. bit.ly/2WM38ko

Dominica Labour Party (DLP) could lose if elections were held today bit.ly/2WOOw3U

CDRU Training being held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in preparation for the 2019 Hurricane Season bit.ly/2WLyvvl

COMMUNITY REPORT: Wakama Road in Castle Bruce repaired bit.ly/2wXG1sD

ODM update on seismic activity related to earthquake swarm bit.ly/2WLBwvY

Leadership coach calls on leaders to listen to the people bit.ly/2WLiEx9

Colombia willing to participate in CARIFESTA bit.ly/2wTdzbx

New election poll to be released on Monday bit.ly/2WGHrCo

Father’s Day: Who celebrates today, and why bit.ly/2wY4a2g

Noreen John laid to rest in her community of Grand Bay bit.ly/2WIkA9v

COMMUNITY REPORT: Fundraising activity to help Trafalgar residents with medical expenses bit.ly/2wSFnwA

IN PICTURES: Papa Creole ‘Meet and Greet’ and Awards Presentation bit.ly/2wXGUSe

Series of earthquakes affects Dominica bit.ly/2wSsR04

Patrons encouraged to come early in order to catch Papa Creole’s main act bit.ly/2wUNngM

BUSINESS BYTE: The wait is finally over, emerald movies to open to public bit.ly/2wSghhk

Trinidad erupts in protest over Venezuelan immigrants bit.ly/2wUxrer

Emergency Shelter Management Manual now available for use in emergency shelter coordination and management bit.ly/2wVAcMi

DEAR BELLA: I want to break up with my boyfriend but I don’t want to raise our child alone bit.ly/2WJOFWp

Wickham gets push back for his view on Skerrit statement bit.ly/2WFgMFW

Prevo Cinemall launches its 2019 Summer Arts Program! bit.ly/2WGdkeb

ANNOUNCEMENT: Emerald Movies Grand Opening! bit.ly/2WFwEsf

PWA welcomes attention from Social Security Ministry to police concerns bit.ly/2wUkDEF

OECS credit unions to foster greater cooperation & collaboration bit.ly/2wVqcCS

Dominica celebrates World Blood Donor Day bit.ly/2wVkgK6

The legal fraternity pays tribute to the late Noreen John bit.ly/2XINGH3

Old Mill Cultural Centre hosts literary, cultural and art expo bit.ly/2wTQJ3j

Dominican scientist studies lost ganja, receives acclaim, talks vision for region bit.ly/2XJoyjk

Dr. Sanford appalled by authorities’ “disrespect” for initiative in Kalinago Territory bit.ly/2XOHopC

Range Developments assists reconstruction efforts of Kalinago special education school bit.ly/2XJKOcT

Educational official highlights importance of leadership in education bit.ly/2XQmpCR

Range developments assists reconstruction efforts of special education n School in Kalinago Territory bit.ly/2XKU6pg

Book of old Dominica photographs and paintings launched bit.ly/2wMuXi0

Wickham says criticism of controversial statement by Skerrit is “much ado about nothing” bit.ly/2wPbNYN

CARICOM Reparations Commission expands list of countries to be targeted for reparations bit.ly/2wNZGev

2018 IOC awardee, Sharome Burton, to cover 2020 Youth Winter Olympics bit.ly/2wOOluY

DAPD to attend Re-launch of Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum and UN conference bit.ly/2wYNaJv

Incitement case against Linton further adjourned bit.ly/2XF7qLA

DAIC partners with secondary school to introduce STEM in Dominica bit.ly/2XDXQZF

COMMENTARY: Customer Service par Excellence by J.E. Doway bit.ly/2XHx3M6

Contingency Planning Workshop ongoing in Dominica bit.ly/2XF3I4E

Caribbean records robust growth in first quarter of 2019 bit.ly/2XCXUc4

JOB OPPORTUNITY: ECCB Analyst and Legal Officer bit.ly/2XJKxac

Dominica’s Lady of Song is new DCOA president bit.ly/2XMEn8U

Youth Emergency Action Committees (YEAC) Launched in Dominica bit.ly/2XDgzV1

DFA official urges local coaches to get fully qualified bit.ly/2XD85x9

Dominica signs MOU with Serbia to improve the island’s agriculture bit.ly/2XDpg1L

Prayer must be part of preparations for the hurricane season says Bishop Malzaire bit.ly/2XEEwLB

Helicopter crashes on Manhattan rooftop bit.ly/2XCqXfV

Linton clears the air regarding his party’s position on electoral reform bit.ly/2wJOsb7

CARICOM Chairman’s message on St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ election to the UN Security Council bit.ly/2XHRMzq

VIDEO: Hong Kong to push ahead with bill that sparked massive protest bit.ly/2XEloO2

COMMENTARY: FIFA’s Nationality Rules – Gift or Otherwise bit.ly/2XwZgVE

Kings of the Street:Third qualifying round in Pointe Michel bit.ly/2wJfIWW

ST. Vincent and The Grenadines elected to The United Nations Security Council bit.ly/2wF0iDl

Hero – The Biopic of Squadron Leader Phillip Louis Ulric Cross bit.ly/2XAMlSD

HIPPOCUP nautical rally held in Dominica bit.ly/2wDW5jh

DBS Reading Competition Organizers concerned about breading ability of some students bit.ly/2Xyx04T

All Saints School of Medicine receives ACCM accreditation bit.ly/2Xz26cL

ANNOUNCEMENT: Short courses available at Dominica State College bit.ly/2XxiTgn

DEAR BELLA: I want a girl who loves me, not for my money bit.ly/2XAJitG

Police Welfare Association dissatisfied with management of police force bit.ly/2XvBr0o

DAPD receives donation of four amateur radios bit.ly/2wEtHNQ

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pipeline replacement on Upper Great George Street bit.ly/2wDozcW

West Indies goes down to Australia in ICC World Cup bit.ly/2wGQcBW

Skerrit announces ‘comprehensive review’ of education in Dominica to Dominicans in St. Thomas bit.ly/2wFuBcV

There is sufficient time for electoral reform says Levi Peter bit.ly/2wEZfTZ

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: Project Coordinator ‘Strong Bodies, Strong Minds’ Pilot Project bit.ly/2wDtCKt

COMMUNITY REPORT: Crack in the Wakama Road at Castle Buice bit.ly/2XpB1Zv

ANNOUNCEMENT: Basic Needs Trust Fund pre-qualification of contractors bit.ly/2XtSakH

Dominicans reminded of their responsibility to prepare for the hurricane season bit.ly/2Xwiuuz

Dominican chosen as Caribbean Tourism Young Leader bit.ly/2wCPA09

DFA to secure insurance coverage for women footballers bit.ly/2wFZIVW

Dominican is a songwriter on Chris Brown’s new Album bit.ly/2XtUzMm

Social media details now required for US visa bit.ly/2XoEDuU

Dominica observes World Environment Day 2019 bit.ly/2XtyI7M

DCHS Alumni of Ontario celebrates 10 years of giving to the community bit.ly/2Xr4HFL

West Coast Credit Union launches its 2019 Summer School Programme bit.ly/2XsCXAx

Floyd Capitolin says he will not apologize bit.ly/2XtHHFR

17 from Kalinago Territory now qualified to provide personal care bit.ly/2wFqSfm

Skerrit promises housing development at Warner and income tax reduction bit.ly/2XygRg8

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dowasco Service interruption from Mero to Castle Comfort bit.ly/2wBTwxU

VACANCY NOTICE: Investor Services Officer bit.ly/2XmBJqm

McIntyre says new hospital will provide ‘state-of-the-art, modernized’ service bit.ly/2wxH1Uj

Mobile number portability now a reality in Dominica bit.ly/2Xs3DRR

Participant describes CERT training as informative and educational bit.ly/2wBDILW

Caribcation Endorses 2019 Saint Lucia International Masters Football Invitational bit.ly/2wAG8Kq

Planning underway for Hike Fest 2020 after successful 2019 event bit.ly/2wHmlZP

Lockhart-Hypolite vows to deliver ‘progress not commess’ bit.ly/2wCS5iZ

Castle Bruce man pleads not guilty to incitement charges; bail set at $20,000. bit.ly/2XmHsg3

Over 60 don white coats at all Saints 37th White Coat Ceremony bit.ly/2wJnyjH

COMMENTARY: He’s coming home… to celebrate 50 years of loving music bit.ly/2wwcXsa

Motley on Climate Change: I’ve given too many speeches…the time to act is now bit.ly/2wBZTRS

I run things in Dominica – PM Skerrit bit.ly/2I9GEEA

Dominica graduates with Doctor of Medicine degree bit.ly/2Z9xIGt

Janae Jackson wins 2019 DOMFESTA song competition bit.ly/2Z1JnH3

PS Prevost moves to another ministry; praised for work in tourism dominicanewsonline.com/news/homepage/…

DFP leader proposes electoral reform measures for free and fair elections dominicanewsonline.com/news/homepage/…

$5,000.00 at stake in 2019 DOMFESTA Song Competition tonight bit.ly/2wtzgPc

West Indies crush Pakistan to win first 2019 ICC World Cup match bit.ly/2Z2OU05

Kings of the Street Football Tournament Goodwill qualifier on today at 12 noon bit.ly/2YWFvHe

VIDEO: Dominican Youtuber gives away $500 in groceries bit.ly/2wxm9ws

Traffic measures for launch of DLP candidate for Roseau South bit.ly/2Z5kOsZ

UWP’s Joshua Francis sends demand letter to DLP’s Floyd Capitolen bit.ly/2Z42cJV

Dominica’s effort to rebuild its tourism after Hurricane Maria recognized bit.ly/2wxVEqs

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: National Petroleum Operations Supervisor bit.ly/2YXxQIP

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project consulting services bit.ly/2wt69vg

SERVICE CONTRACT NOTICE: National Authorising Office bit.ly/2wtnmop

IN PICTURES: Merger of art and science helps public understand risk reduction bit.ly/2wrYNZ4

Mobile Number Portability to be launched in Dominica, other ECTEL states, June 3rd bit.ly/2YZ6WAg

Flash Flood Watch in effect for Dominica until 12.00 pm bit.ly/2YZxPUF

St. Joseph Parl Rep highlights importance of cooperatives bit.ly/2YV3pTu

DPSU announces ‘go slow’; threatens industrial action bit.ly/2YYSDfi

Charles calls for government’s endorsement of Papa Creole bit.ly/2wvfx1w

ANNOUNCEMENT: Vacancy Technical Staff, Housing Recovery Project bit.ly/2YVzmLB

Flash Flood watch to be issued for Dominica bit.ly/2Z11NIe

ECLAC official says region supports Dominica’s bid to become first climate resilient country bit.ly/2YYa3IU

Village Council Chair gets push back from villagers disagree on development in Castle Bruce bit.ly/2YVl5OX

Darroux says government is working with MMCE to build Marigot Hospital bit.ly/2JNYJLI

ECCB to introduce new polymer notes in June, 2019 bit.ly/2JNS3gC

BUSINESS BYTE: 10 Must Do’s at the Prevo Cinemall This Summer bit.ly/2JM4sBJ

Catholic priest calls for ‘respect, trust and consensus’ in debate on electoral reform bit.ly/2JOVvaL

ANNOUNCEMENT: DOWASCO disconnection notice bit.ly/2JLVRiw

Air Canada and GlobalMedic help Dominica prepare for hurricane season bit.ly/2K9C781

CORRECTION: RBC Royal Bank to increase fees on certain services bit.ly/2KdJRFO

Participants satisfied with drone flying and mapping training bit.ly/2KbGPlr

Caribbean countries discuss ways to tackle climate and disaster risks bit.ly/2KkB7y3

Cabinet Secretary concerned about level of increase in public sector productivity bit.ly/2JKuW6D

RBC Royal Bank of Canada to increase fees on certain services bit.ly/2K8BN9k

DEAR BELLA: I think I’m obsessed with changing my skin colour bit.ly/2KctvgO

Electoral Office statement on list of electors in circulation bit.ly/2JKDQRS